My name is Laura and I am the founder behind Elle Academy.

After finishing high school, I began post secondary schooling in completing a Bachelor of Commerce. Upon the constant need to keep busy, while going to school I wanted a side-hustle. I had a friend who had just started in the beauty industry and I became very enticed as I always wanted to know more about that world! The ways that this industry can make people genuinely feel better about themselves, and in turn, give such joy and confidence, is what truly made me want to completely indulge.  I LOVE making people feel good about themselves !

I began my beauty career in 2012, taking a few courses, and doing services while continuing my schooling online, as well as working another job...

Fast forward to today.. I now operate and own a full beauty salon, with over 10 employees, a second small location, product lines, and a training academy.

I began training after opening my salon, as I had many women coming to me for help. They had taken courses, but did not feel confident in being able to offer the service. I truly believe in giving my students the best training possible and will continue to help beyond the actual course itself.

I am proud to say that I have trained women all across Canada and the United States. I believe that if you wish to do something, you CAN! We all create our own destiny. I love seeing my students flourish and continuing to grow outside of their courses. Many students take more than one course at our academy as well.

Please believe me when I say I have learned everything the hard way, and have simplified our courses so they are done efficienty and thoroughly to help you succeed directly following the course. 

We provide a learning environment which is fun and relaxed, however we believe in all students excelling and doing their absolute best- in the highest standard possible. 

Let us help you create your dream life and income.

Our beauty trainings will get you to your goals faster. Advance in the Beauty Industry Today!

Being in the industry for over a decade, I have been able to learn so much that truly is invaluable. This allows for me to be able to assist my students in their journey, in ways that others cannot.

This has translated into multiple 7-figures in revenue. 

Train and learn from those who can help you when it matters most. Stop wasting time and money on other classes that just scrape the surface.

I love to help guide however I can, so if you would like to jump on a discovery call with me, send an email to arrange a time for us to connect.
If you are attending our In-Person Classes, your training location will be at:

14-41 Broadway Blvd #222, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2C1

Upon registration, more detailed information will be sent to you.