Brow symmetry is what all beginner artists struggle with. This brow is too high, this one is too thick, this one has no arch. The list goes on. I can help you gain confidence in providing flattering brow styling to your client.

Learn all my tips and tricks to deliver the most perfect brows. Whether you are doing a brow wax and tint, to permanent make-up, these tips will transform your confidence.

These techniques can be used in conjunction with:
→Brow Waxing
→Brow Threading
→Brow Henna
→Brow Lamination
→Powder Brows
→Hybrid or Regular Tint

Great brow artists all know how to identify the best shape for their client, and improve imperfections. Take the guesswork out of shaping, and become a total BROW BOSS!

Stop wasting precious time, and learn how to do a brow map in under 5 minutes!

I will teach you the tips and tricks to get you on the right track and comfortable with the service. It can be hard learning and incorporating a new service, so lets get you all trained up, the right way!

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to confidently offer the service and start generating revenue! Our training goes beyond the service itself.


Get started immediately with the best professional products. When offering a professional service, professional products are the only option!

All products are the same that we use in our own salon to ensure the highest quality.

  • Mapping Thread
  • Sharpie Wax Pencil
  • 5x Razors
  • 5x Brow Rulers
  • Brow Caliper
  • BONUS: Our favourite brow mapping app to double check your work to ensure PERFECTION

ONLINE: Our online option allows you to work through at your own pace.

You can immediately access your materials. All courses will include text, video, printable worksheets, and access to your Master Trainer.

Each class will have specific requirements that will need to be shared with your trainer in order to obtain certification.

IN-PERSON:This method is ideal for those who are able to attend in person, and prefer to learn in a classroom environment.

This course was designed for those who already have taken an extension course, but are struggling. This direct attention from a master trainer will get you on the right track to succeed. We will identify the areas you are struggling in, and turn you into a LASH QUEEN! 

In this 1 day class, you will do some theory work, pratice, and have a model come in to do a set with you and the trainer. It is approximately 4 hours long. You will also get a kit of our favourite essentials to help you succeed. 


Your trainer will supply you with further information upon enrollment in the class. For a specific training date please contact us directly.





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I’m just a small town girl who grew up with a mom who really just did not have much interest in makeup or beauty treatments. Myself, on the other hand was extremely interested and always wanted to learn more about everything beauty!!

In 2012 I decided to take a beauty class. From there, over time my business spiralled into salon locations, a training academy, and product lines.

On a yearly basis, my business generates MULTIPLE SIX-FIGURES, and the same is possible for you!

Enroll today and take a chance on YOURSELF! It may be the leap that transforms your destiny and shapes a brighter future!!


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providing YOU with an elevated learning experience to ensure you succeed!