Have you taken a classic or volume lash course and left not feeling confident? This is the course for you. I will teach you the tips and tricks to get you on the right track and comfortable with the service. It can be hard learning and incorporating a new service, so lets get you all trained up, the right way!

At the course there will be discussion on areas that you are struggling with, including theory, product knowledge, business, and technique. Please come to class with a list of questions and areas of concern that you would like further explained. 

We will then do some hands on practice work in which technique will be practiced, until muscle memory is formed. 

Following practice, you will arrange for a model to come in and complete a lash set, so we are able to make sure you are grasping the technique with intense student-teacher time to ensure best results for you! Along with tips and tricks that will transform your lash game and retention. 

We would like for you to bring your lash kit as well, if you would like, for familiarity. Our products will also be available for you to try out and use as well!

Please note that having certification is a pre-requisite. (Classic lash refresher you must have certification in classic lashes, volume refresher you must have certification in volume lashes).

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to confidently offer the service and start generating revenue! Our training goes beyond the service itself.


Get started immediately with the best professional products. When offering a professional service, professional products are the only option!

All products are the same that we use in our own salon to ensure the highest quality.

  • Adhesive
  • SuperBonder
  • Tweezer Set
  • 5x Lash Trays
  • Microfoam Tape
  • Lash Tile
  • Sponges

IN-PERSON:This method is ideal for those who are able to attend in person, and prefer to learn in a classroom environment.

This course was designed for those who already have taken an extension course, but are struggling. This direct attention from a master trainer will get you on the right track to succeed. We will identify the areas you are struggling in, and turn you into a LASH QUEEN! 

In this 1 day class, you will do some theory work, pratice, and have a model come in to do a set with you and the trainer. It is approximately 4 hours long. You will also get a kit of our favourite essentials to help you succeed. 


Your trainer will supply you with further information upon enrollment in the class. For a specific training date please contact us directly.



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I’m just a small town girl who grew up with a mom who really just did not have much interest in makeup or beauty treatments. Myself, on the other hand was extremely interested and always wanted to learn more about everything beauty!!

In 2012 I decided to take a beauty class. From there, over time my business spiralled into salon locations, a training academy, and product lines.

On a yearly basis, my business generates MULTIPLE SIX-FIGURES, and the same is possible for you!

Enroll today and take a chance on YOURSELF! It may be the leap that transforms your destiny and shapes a brighter future!!



providing YOU with an elevated learning experience to ensure you succeed!